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Benefit from training schemes or courses, learning new skills to gain experience for work and future careers. Excludes educational fees.


Participate in community, environmental or  educational schemes in under-developed countries.


Outdoors activities which challenge young people whilst also providing skills which are valuable for the future.


If you are unsure whether or not you qualify, feel free to drop us an email at

Successful Applicant Projects

Many projects approved for an Award are arranged by organisations specialising in schemes to provide an educational experience and will include an opportunity to benefit the community in which the project is located. These organisations include Project Trust, Operation Raleigh, GAP Sports Abroad, Frontier and Operation Wallacea.

  • Teaching in Gambia

  • Tree Planting in Gambia

  • Teaching in Zambia

  • Working in a community centre in Senegal

  • Working in an orphanage in Ghana

  • Working with donkeys in Central Mexico

  • Teaching in South Africa

  • Expedition to Vietnam with Borders Expedition Group

  • Planting a Rice Paddy in India

  • Presenting Hockey equipment to the Ghana Hockey Association

  • Teaching in Nepal

  • Climbing in Peru

  • Teaching in Sri Lanka

  • Carry Out Medical Research in India and Malawi

  • Girl Guide expeditions to Thailand and Ghana

  • Taking up medical and nursing electives

  • Take part in Tall Ships Race

  • Join a course in the restoration of antiques

  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

  • Attend a music festival in St Petersburg

  • Carry out a study of turtles in North Cyprus

  • Join a study of Capercaillie in Invernesshire

  • Take part in a Scout Jamboree in Korea

In order to be eligible for an award from the SSYAT...​​​


You must be between 17 and 25 years old on the day your project starts​


Your project must comply with the aims of the scheme​


You must have made successful efforts to fund part of the costs of the project yourself​


Your home address must be within either The Scottish Borders or Dumfries and Galloway Council areas​​​


How much can I be awarded?

The number of awards varies each year according to the funds available. In recent years we have been able to make 30 to 40 awards. They can range from £200 to £2000​


When do I apply?​

Applications are normally considered once a year in March and therefore should be submitted by the end of February for projects due the following year.  Only exceptionally may an application be considered for any other date.​


How do I apply?​

Go straight to the Application Page!


Eligibility and faqS

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